At Strong Mobile Marine Service we keep it simple and to the point. You pick the boatyard in the Lower Mainland or Nanaimo and leave the dirty work to us! We specialize in those dirty jobs below the waterline that are often avoided or overlooked.

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Anti-fouling paint, also known as bottom paint, is a very important component to a marine vessel's well being. Not only can excessive growth be harmful to the hull of your boat, it also creates steerage issues and causes unnecessary drag, resulting in higher fuel consumption. Boat engines have also been known to overheat due to marine growth blocking cooling water intakes. Ask us what king of bottom paint choice would best suit your vessel today.

Osmosis blisters. We've all heard a horror story or two about them, and rightly so. Hull Blisters can be a serious problem. Regular bottom maintenance and inspection can help prevent and detect blisters early, making them easier to repair. Contact us today for an inspection or repair.

Excessive marine growth can severely hinder your vessel's performance and fuel economy. Marine growth can foul folding and feathering props, preventing proper deployment. Barnacles on a prop shaft can create turbulence that disrupts the smooth flow of water into the prop, this can reduce efficiency and create noise and vibration. Does your vessel have trim tabs? These need protection as well. With the proper protection, you can have peace of mind that your vessel's running gear will be free of growth and ready to perform at its peak. There are many antifouling options for running gear to suit all budgets, ask us which option is best for your vessel today.

Outdrives, also know as sterndrives or outdrive leg are a different form of running gear that also require an antifouling system. Marine growth can hinder performance, cause damage and drive up your fuel cost. The right products for the job will ensure that your outdrive will remain growth free and ready to perform all season long.

Anodes, also know as Zincs, are a vital but often overlooked component of your vessels defence system. It would be hard to overstate the importance of maintaining the anodes on your boat. When an anode is missing or largely wasted away, the metal component it was installed to protect begins to corrode and dissolve--guaranteed. Don't let corrosion get you down, change those anodes every spring!